Welcome to Central Texas’ Full-Circle Public Sawmill

(Notice: We will be closed to the general public from July 1st to August 1st)

We help re-purpose woodlands, rural and urban trees across Texas by serving as a dead woody waste hub, public sawmill, and urban wood producer.  We are active members of the Urban Wood Network and work closely with Texas A&M Forest Service on public outreach and community awareness vital to improving forestry initiatives across Texas.   We are now the #1 Customer Satisfaction rated sawmill in Texas per Google Reviews!  Thank you so much!!  

Guiding Principals:   Saving Trees, Improving Lives!  Forests, Community, and People First!

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You asked, we listened!   We are focused on creating & operating the 1st hub in Texas for re-purposing of dead woody waste material and production of urban wood lumber from the sources of woodlands forests, rural trees, and community city trees.   A high quality sawmill that genuinely believes active environmental & community support is the primary key to our business success and the future health of our forests.  We seek to offer services across the 5+ Million residents of Central Texas and bring more awareness to the amazing benefits of urban lumber and urban wood products from wildfire risk reduction to positive climate impact.    We can accomplish our goals with your help to develop and produce a full-circular economic business model to create future jobs, additional woody waste hubs and dead wood processors.

We saved the largest documented pecan in Texas off a 200 acre heavily wooded private ranch.  This tree was older than the Declaration of Independence!

For 2022-2024, we are committed to donating 5% of our net profits to the Texas A&M Forestry Tree ReCovery Fund to help our forests recover from natural disasters such as wildlifes, drought, disease and insects.   As we receive tree donations and help to reduce the mass of dead woody material to reduce wildlife risks, we believe strongly in paying it forward.  We’ve made it our promise to Texas to donate a portion of our lumber proceeds to help support those less fortunate and contribute to forest health.    

A great use of the funds is for replanting efforts after wildfires. Central Texas has one of the highest risk of wildfires in Texas!

The Texas Urban Sawmill is a family-owned Benefit company.  Your business supports not only our family business but contributes to the health and improved management of our forests.  As active members of the Urban Wood Network, we are dedicated to tree re-use advocacy, turnkey tree salvage & re-purposing solutions, production of high quality urban lumber, and being stewards to our local rural and urban communities & environment.  Devin Ginther serves as the Texas Chapter lead of the UWN and also volunteers his time as a board member of the UWN National Steering Committee.

Sarah Ginther wears multiple hats and is always eager to mill logs for our clients.

We are proud to operate one of the largest cut capacity sawmill in the southern US.  We are THE only business in Texas focused on offering adaptive tree re-use projects for private landowners and commercial developers.  We offer sawmill services for both the general public & private sectors at the most competitive rates.   We welcome visitors & have public log cutting viewing opportunities.   

At the TXUS, we are committed to not only the community & forestry management but we are also buildings a team of urban wood advocates across Texas.

We consider it our primary mission to help educate local businesses, urban & rural residents and woodland land owners on the benefits of tree re-use, so we can build a grass-roots, forestry re-use initiative for many others to adopt across Texas.   How do we accomplish this?   We feel progress is less about talk & more about action.  This philosophy is supported by our large 2017 investments in the equipment to make this a reality in Texas.   We are actively seeking  architectural firms, engineering construction firms & builders who would like to be involved in re-use projects.    We also work directly with woodlands land owners & residential home owners to assist in the salvaging of fallen & dead trees, invasive species removal, and highly combustible dead woody mass removals.  

Devin Ginther after a long day of tree salvage efforts.   This historical Live Oak was killed by oak wilt on a 150 acre ranch located near Wimberley.

There are literally 100’s of millions of trees across Texas that continue to go to waste, while they can be salvaged, re-purposed and turned into valuable re-use materials for all to enjoy.   By re-using these materials, we can contribute to improvement in climate change, a reduction of wildfire risk, improve the health of our urban and woodland forests, and help to further develop the market of urban wood.   We believe adamantly in the concept of Full-Circle Forestry Management practices.   The market development of urban wood, which starts with dead wood material, can be leveraged to help fund forestry initiatives across all of the United State.   

The TXUS is committed to being the blueprint for future sawmill start-ups by contributing directly to forestry management in Texas.

Thanks for the visit & stay tuned for many more website additions!  And remember, we are here to help Improve Lives, Save Trees and contribute directly to Forest health!