Lackland Air Force Base Reclaimed White Oak

February 1, 2019

We were pleased to be involved with a private resident in San Antonio and local tree service contractor to play an important role in reclaiming a series of white oak trees that were being removed by the Lackland military base.   It is so exciting when like-minded individuals or businesses call us to inquire about how they might be able to salvage and re-purpose a tree!   The Texas Urban Sawmill will go out of our way to help support these efforts.   It is always an opportunity to help spread more awareness about the benefits of tree re-use while also increasing the availability of Texas hardwood and softwood lumber.

Originally, our client had received an extremely cost-prohibitive and frankly a rather unreasonable quote from an anonymous sawmill east of Austin.   This high cost alternative sawmill quoted over $4600 to sawmill only two logs!   We were pleased to offer our client an 80% cost saving!   Here is a short 2-min video of the Texas Urban Sawmill slabbing out one of the oak logs for our client.

      We were able to unload, mill, load and secure the milled slabs in under 3 hours resulting in a cost saving of almost 80% compared to this high-cost competitor!  Our hourly rate averaged to be ~$400/hr while this other sawmill was attempting to charge 3-4x our services!

   We commonly run into private residents that desire to re-purpose trees into live edge slabs and lumber for eventual re-sale as a side business.    Great!   We wholeheartedly support this thinking and entrepreneurial drive.   The Texas Urban Sawmill would be happy to mill logs every day for people & flood the Texas market with live edge slabs and urban lumber.   Why would we want more competition?  Wrong, this is exactly how we do NOT think!  We want the prices of boutique Texas hardwood and softwood lumber to decrease.   That’s crazy, you say?   Look at it from our perspective.  The more people who can afford this lumber means that buying volume increases.   If we are selling more urban and rural sawmill lumber in Texas, it means that we are saving more trees!!!   As simple as that.   Basic supply vs demand.    So let’s all get together to save more trees & increase the supply of this unique lumber for all of Texas to enjoy!

This case example strongly supports why we decided to get into the sawmill business in Texas to bring positive change.   Just another reason why we are considered the neighborhood sawmill of central Texas.     We reserve the right to voice our opinions on this matter.   It is our perspective and we challenge everyone to do their own independent research and direct cost comparisons.