Come visit us & let’s have some fun!

Quarterly Second Saturday Public Open House Events

Upcoming 2019 Events: March 9th, June 8th, September 14th and December 14th

Events Details:

We are so very pleased to welcome you to our open house events.  These are community minded events and a great opportunity for us to speak with anyone who has a general passion for lumber and woodworking, wants to learn more about tree salvaging and re-purposing, or is simply curious about our business as a whole.  Please bring your friends, family members, kids as everyone is welcome!    We hope to foster some fantastic relationships and meet a few new neighbors at the same time!   We will continue to hold this event at least every 3 months throughout the year from 11am to 3pm.  But wait, there is so much more!

We had over 75 visitors during our March 9th Open House

Sawmilling a Featured Log:

We will be milling a featured log so everyone can participate in the joys of peeking into the soul of a tree!   Yes, you will be able to gaze directly into the soul of an historical Texas hardwood tree.   It is something that we see often and never take for granted.   Yet, few others get to enjoy the magic of looking into the heart of a 100-200+ year old tree.   We are here to change that!   At the mill, we like to say that “It is a like Christmas every time we saw into a new log.”

Free Blanks & Bargain Bins:

We also will be offering FREE wood turning blanks and have a bargain bin of high figure woods available.    We may even have a few slabs in our Refined Elements inventory offered for quick sales.

In preparation, we are making a dedicated effort to salvage a few smaller high figure, high character logs for the purpose of offering them as FREE turning blanks.    We do ask a few small favors.   First, you must be a Newsletter Member in order to qualify.    Anyone can join, and it is intended to be community minded and informative.   Not to mention, a 5% coupon and special promotions.   Second, we ask for a VOLUNTARY minimum contribution of $5 for any blank.

What do bargain bin or turning blank the contributions go towards?  We literally spend $1000’s a month to maintain our trucks and heavy construction equipment.   Any contributions, no matter how small or large, will financially support our genuine desire to bring more and more of this material back for future monthly open houses.   Hopefully we can also increase the diversity of the species and the volume of blanks we can offer every month!   Basically, it is a circle of tree salvage love!!    Not sure if that makes sense to anyone.   Yes, we are sometimes weird about saving trees!

Thank you!

We cannot stress just how excited we are to meet new, like minded individuals.   We will call it a complete success if we put just one smile on a face!   You can also check out our Facebook page for event details and any updates at