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Austin Sawmill specializing in turn-key tree salvage and re-purposing projects.   Largest sawmill in Texas.   Family owned, community minded and considered the neighborhood sawmill of Austin and Central Texas.

Historical Texas Live Oak Reclamation – 254 Years Old

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We helped support the Davey Tree Service company on this very challenging live oak removal in Austin, TX.   This majestic tree had fallen during a September 2018 severe thunderstorm that hit the Austin and surrounding areas.   After a lot of blood, sweat and tears, we were able to successfully reclaim nearly 50,000 lbs of historical hardwood from the main trunk and two main limbs.  The main trunk measures 53" in diameter near [...]

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Historical Texas Pecan Saved From San Antonio River

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This ~150 year old Texas Pecan was blown over by Hurricane Harvey and normally would have been left to fall into the river.   Luckily, the land owner reached out to the Texas Urban Sawmill for help!  We are working this 400-acre tract of ranch land near Victoria, TX as one of the largest dedicated pecan salvage projects in Texas.   A total of over 30 historical pecan trees will be salvaged.   That's over [...]

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What is Urban Lumber?

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What is Urban Lumber, Urban Wood Rescue, Tree Re-use? October 21st, 2017 Urban trees need to be removed for 4 primary reasons: Standing or Fallen Dead, Dying or Diseased, Safety or Hazard Prone, and Construction needs. Historically, these trees have been cut down, chipped up, and left at the dump to decompose.   Urban trees are generally trees located in a town or city with population of 2000 people or more.   Urban Re-use programs typically [...]

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